13+ Seriously Fun Volcano Projects for Middle & High Schoolers

Volcano Projects for Middle School, High School, Homeschool Earth Science

With Kilauea erupting, my owlet and I decided it’s the perfect time for some engaging and fun volcano activities appropriate for middle and high school age students!  Our list goes beyond the baking soda volcano (although there’s nothing wrong with that!), but doesn’t require an entire semester of work.  Pick…

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Cèilidh Fun at the 2018 SEA Homeschoolers Convention

BackyardOwls.com Ceilidh Dancers

What’s a Cèilidh, you ask? A cèilidh (KAY-Lee) is a social event of Gaelic dancing and traditional music.  You’ll find cèilidhs at house parties, social halls, bars, festivals, and other venues.  There are Irish céilithe and Scottish cèilidhean (though most modern usage pluralizes the word as cèilidhs). A Scottish Country Dance…

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Organic Geography

photo of globe

What is organic geography? When I try to describe what we do all day to someone who hasn’t seen anything like how we home-educate, I often use the term “organic.”  I’m talking about the kind of learning that happens as we go about our normal activities (which may not be…

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Afterwhile, Crocodile!

So today turned into one of those days when the learning takes a life of its own. Reptile life, to be exact. I’m smiling.           Today is our first day of quiet in a while, and I may have had some ideas for things we would…

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It’s One of Those Days!

No, not one of those days — I’m talking about one of those days when the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the leaves are ruffling in the breeze, and you can open the doors and windows and breathe it aahll in. And I’m so grateful! So grateful we do not…

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